Nuryl is a music app for babies that takes advantage of the 1000 day window of brain development by using a highly complex form of music, they call High Information Music™, to stimulate your baby’s brain and boost cognition. They integrate these musical pieces into daily lessons and their results have been astounding.

The Little Music & Movement Project

Music and Developmental Movement for babies and toddlers up to 4.
The Little Music & Movement Project combines early years music education with developmental movement activities to explore children’s creativity and develop their skills. They use music and movement to explore, play, develop, share, learn and communicate with each other.



Cornish Kids Yoga

Something for the older ones? Cornish Kids Yoga holds classes every Thursday (term-time) from 4.30-5.30pm at Gulval School. All children welcome ages 4 – 11, mats are provided and the cost is £5 per session.

To book, contact Clare Savage at




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